Medicine in Egypt
To be a doctor in Egypt is a dream for every student and every family to have one, but no one tries to think about that what does the doctor do to be a famous one?
Many people think that when you'll be a doctor, you'll get more money and you will be famous, but actually, it isn't easy to get all of that. The doctor graduates after 7 years of studying with 10% of medicine's knowledge, but people don't know that so they ask him about many specific things that he doesn't know anything about  and he can't say that because if he says I don't know, they will say he is a failure doctor.After 7 years of studying medicine, he needs to study 3-5years of his speciality to get  Master and he can open his private clinic. It takes many years of his life to be famous and be a rich man. He has to have a short time with his family and open his phone all the day for his patients. Doctors spend a lot of time away from their family and their children to help people so everyone should know that if you want to be a doctor there is a price that you have to pay it.
Apr 26, 2017 12:48 PM
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Yes, it is better for a doctor to continue their study after 7 took about 10 years ... but i think it has worth...when a doctor see a patient are getting her\his health it cause very happily in doctor's  heart...about money, Dentists and Plastic Surgeon earn much money in Iran...accepting medical in Iran is very hard because low percent in 'Konkur' that have been earned the great results can choose this friend rejected for 4 years...but in except Iran accepting in medical is easier...many good doctor and Surgeon of Iran don't live in Iran any more, like 'Proff. Majid Samii'... i think doctors can help people very much...
April 26, 2017
Medical practice is a risk-prone industry here in Australia so that not many locals are happy with the long-standing learning and training . Besides, overwhelming investment on time and effort often baffled some of the young people eventually abandoned their learning in the course of training.  The pay to practitioners is not bad here, but there are some other parallel works can earn the equivalent salary with even less investment on time and effort. 
October 29, 2017
Yes, I know. I have a friend from Iran who is a doctor and he wants to come to Egypt for working here.
April 26, 2017