Learning languages using webcam,is it possible?

Hi everyone.

I have just joined italki and i am now studyng how it really work.

I think it is a fantastic tool by which you can learn languages having fun!

I have a question.. is it possible to chat with some italki's user using webcam? In my opinion  the videochat is the best way to share your language with others people,is a direct way of communication!

If someone is interested,i am looking for french and spanish users (spanish and french are languages i need to improve),but I can also have an english chat! 

Thank you!

Apr 26, 2017 2:05 PM
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Hi Giuseppe,

Yes, it is possible to learn languages via webcam, what you are looking for might be a tutor, once you booked a class, you will be able to have access to your tutor's skype username, thus, you can start your language learning journey easily!

Btw, I totally agree with your idea of the webcam is the best way to learn a language, especially for the beginner, because people need to "see" how to pronounce a word in order to actually pronounce it! 

Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, I do not teach Spanish or French, I teach Chinese and English, hope you can find the people who suit your need soon!

Best regards,

Pauline Liu

April 26, 2017