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Why are we learning Korean?


I want to hear from some people who are learning Korean. What excites you about Korea? How do you feel about the culture? and, most importantly, the food. :P 

The things that interest me about Korea are the people. They always seem so inviting to talk to. And the culture is respectful in many ways, unlike American. I wouldn't change my verb or noun while speaking to someone important. I wouldn't bow to them in America. I love those opposite things that people do in Korea (and also, China and Japan). I like how the  Korean language has untranslatable words to English like 오빠, 누나, 언니,  형, and more. And the food is perfect. It's extremely healthy. A few Koreans I know say that many Koreans have the mindset of putting healthy food into your body to become healthy. It's so true. And cooking is usually done with care, love and preparation.

I would love to hear from you guys!

Apr 26, 2017 7:31 PM
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i love Korea a lot , i've met some koreans and i can say they are one of the nicest and respectable  people out there , korean culture is just amazing , the language is so unique and as you said i love the fact that there's a lot of words that you can never find a synonyme for them in other languages . i have a lot of fun learning it   , their traditional outfits are to kill for . we don't have any korean restaurants over here but i tried making some stuff like kimchi , kimchi jigae , deokbokki , danmuji  and it's really delicious , another thing koean old architecture , i haven't had the chance yet to visit it but it's really increbible .
April 26, 2017