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Maintaining diaries

Hello everyone

When learning a new language one of the best ways to practice what one has learnt is to maintain a diary . This way vocabulary can be enriched and one learns to form sentences.

So how do you all start a diary? What do you write about? Do you choose a particular  topic or write about your everyday life experiences?

Apr 27, 2017 2:27 PM
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When writing my entries, I usually pick a highlight of my day, and expand on it.  

For example, I was able to lift more weight in gym, today.  

In my journal, I would write about how it felt to lift the heavier weight, what I learned from the movement, and what I'll do to continue to raise my strength threshold.  

This way, it keeps your entries from being monotonous if your normal daily life is very routine.

April 27, 2017