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Who is your favorite singer?

I love listening to music and singing. I love Adele. while I can't sing all of her songs because her voice is amazing. I also like Jay Chou and I am familiar with his songs.

Tell me your favorite singer and the songs you like. 

Apr 27, 2017 3:25 PM
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before all, i suggest you install Musicmatch on your phone

Jennifer Paige- -------Crush

Indila -----love story

Enrique---------Sibeme la Radio

Enrique---------takin back my love,Forgiveness

Arash-----------she makes me go

Arash---------one day

Tome odell----------another love

Inna--------moon girl, Amazing

Goerge Micael----------careless whisper

 Vanotek ft.Eneli----------Tell me who

Enya-------may it be

Alexander Riback-----------fairytale

Siyavash ghomeishi----------baroon, yadegari

Kamran Hooman----------Fadaye Saret

April 27, 2017

I have a huge list of favorite singers and bands. I really love the music in all its versions. I think that we could change our mood if we listen to the correct song once a day! :D

I like Timo Kotipelto, Simone Simons, Andres Calamaro, Ana Carolina, Andrea Echeverry, Santi Balmes (I love him and he is a writer as well)...and many others. I know is a mix hahahahhaha but you could try to explore new sounds every day and I'm pretty sure that never will finish!

I haven't just one favorite song. Nonetheless, today I've been listening "Momentos" of Los Cafres from Argentina and "Sorri, sou rei" of Natiruts from Brazil. Today was Reggae music! 

Have a good one!

April 27, 2017

Jeorge michael

Selena Gomez

Alexander Rybak


April 27, 2017
My favorite singer is Axl Rose, because of him songs, the voice of him is amazing and beautiful.
April 27, 2017
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