Creative ideas to push you to the next level

 here's a list of fun TO-DOs that work :
1 listen to things that  you are interested in : maybe you are passionate with learning about business look for a business podcast in that language .
2 repeat the episodes :  repitition helps with the memorization , it's a so very effective way to memorize  not just words but expressions and situtations like when to use those expressions ,voice tone etc ,in the other hand if you don't memorize you don't learn , that's very obvious . but it's really fun to listen for the same thing 2-3 or even 4 times it feels like every time you go to a deeper level of understanding it's like you are listening to something new !
3 commit to dediacating at least 10-15 minutes per day to the language you are learning : because your memory has to be in shape to be there whenever you call it, and if you are not taking care of it , it won't be there for you , remember you should be commited no matter how small the amount of time you dedicate is but never STOP and always be in shape .
4 pick a very precise subject to discuss with your partner something that you are interested in otherwise the conversation will be very random and you won't feel like you are going anywhere with the language learning
5 create tasks and levels for yourself i mean set very precise goals for each month or week for your language learning for example for the next three months i should be able to discuss with anyone about the subject of house renting or summer camping or my personal values . these are 3 precise goals ! and after completing each task reward yourself and celebrate it that should make the process very fun !
6 help people that are learning the language you do learn , helping people is a great chance for refreshing your memory if the person you are helping is not the same level as you it also helps you compete with people that are better than you and it gives you a great feeling just because you helped someone , and emotional stability is  really important not only for learning languages but also for living a pleasant life.
that's it ! i hope that this was not a waste of your time

also if this have helped you somehow and you want to hear more advises COMMENT , have fun !

Apr 27, 2017 7:54 PM
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Thank You Shariz.They are really useful tips. Thanks for sharing
April 29, 2017