Do Left-handers Process language more readily than Right-handers?
''A famous French neurosurgeon, Paul Broca stipulated that a person’s handedness was actually opposite from the specialised hemisphere. 
However, upon further reading, it appears that many scientists have proven that not one, but both sides of the brain deal with various skills in different ways. Research has shown that the left hemisphere deals with grammatical processes and the right deals with understanding context in language . In recent days, extensive research has shown that actually a large 95% of right-handed people and 75% of left-handed people have language processing in the left side of the brain , which shows that “lefties” are not necessarily going to be more adept at processing language.''
Look at this article from science direct:

Are you Left-hander or not? what do you think about different between  Left-handers and Right-handers in learning languages? is there difference or not...
Apr 27, 2017 10:14 PM
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Thank you Savannah and Josegal for your comments...
April 28, 2017

Once I read that left-handers tend to be more skilled than right-handers because there are some tasks which can only be done with the right hand, such as driving (unless you live in England) or opening a can. So they have to develop some ability with the other hand, thus stimulating both sides of their brain, while right handers don't need to do it, what would give left handers a mental advantage. Stimulation is a key to mental development, but there are many other ways of stimulating a child's brain, I don't think this is determinant. By the way, I'm a left hander.  

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April 28, 2017

I am left handed and many people tell me that I have a "gift" for languages. I seem to have a brain for linguistics. 

My right-handed sister is slow at learning languages. (nothing against her, I love my sister!) I've been trying to teach her Spanish, but she's slowly making progress. I can say that there is a big linguistic difference between us. Maybe it has to do with our brain hemispheres? 

April 27, 2017