Question.. Hi, everyone

Please, can you help me with a few questions? Please, guys!

1) Does it sound odd to say "An article about the Brazil meat producers scandal"?
2) Do you say "That car's gas tank cap is off" or "That car gas tank cap is off" ... "My phone's color is black" or "My phone color is black"? 
3) Could I use "going too far" or "pushing it" in these sentences?
"I can agree to keep you company at the theater, but opera is already pushing it"?
4) Does it sound odd to use 's here:

"Two dogs' bak/barking is never the same
"One dog's bark/barking is never the same as the other's"
"This isn't either of you's car"?

Thank you for everthing!
Apr 27, 2017 10:50 PM
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1. No, not really.

2."The car's gas cap is off." you don't need to include tank because it's common knowledge a gas cap is on a gas tank so people don't say it and you might sound weird if you do.

3."My's phone's color is black." or "The color of my phone is black." would also be acceptable if this is in reply to a question most people would just reply black because both people already know we are talking about your phone.

4."Neither dogs' bark is the same" "This isn't either of your's car" or "This isn't either of your guys' car" it's okay to represent girls with this the word 'guys' as long as your familiar with them kind of like 'amigos' in Spanish if it's a mixed group of girls and guys

April 27, 2017