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Change in teacher profiles I just noticed that they're now putting the videos at the top of the teachers' profiles. I really don't like this change. I don't think it looks nice at all. I understand that they want to change things up now and then, but I think that it makes the profiles look a lot less attractive.
What do you all think?

Apr 28, 2017 3:48 AM
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I think that the smaller the screen, the worse it looks. On a large screen you see the video plus a significant amount of the teacher's profile, but on a smaller screen you just see a couple of lines which does look odd. I haven't tried it on a mobile.

I get why they're doing this; I suspect that the video is a vitally important selling point for a teacher and I certainly wouldn't book a lesson from a teacher who didn't have one. But that said... I wouldn't bother watching their video unless I liked the rest of their profile either. Good writing is as important to me as speaking. To me, then, this puts the cart before the horse.

I don't think it's an improvement. Quite the reverse, in fact... but not enough of a reverse for me to be overly worried about it.

April 28, 2017

I don't think so.

For me watching at a video-profile first when I'm looking for a teacher is essential and the most significant thing I do. After watching at them and listening to them for about 5 seconds I know/feel whethet they are suitable for me or not. However, sometimes I don't follow this my 'hunch' and try to take a trial lesson because of their interesting background in their profiles. 

April 28, 2017

I agree. I access italki from my phone and... that look isn't something I can enjoy.

Former layout was much better.

April 28, 2017
Yes, I just looked and I agree. It makes the profile and layout less attractive. I would rather them work on improving the notebook and discussion fourm to something like what Lang-8 has.
April 28, 2017