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Whether people will be busier as they grow up? Sometimes I feel that some people very tired ,especially old people.
Jan 29, 2008 4:01 AM
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mmmhh.... I think it depends on each person. What is Busy mean? Do you think Busy is a Positive or Negative condition? I think there are many people who is very busy, can enjoy their life... but there are also many people who don't have many activities, can't enjoy their life and even these people are bored with their life. What do you think? sorry for my bad English. I still have to learn much
March 23, 2008
Hi Aishy, I agree with you, perpaps when people grow older, they will face more and more things comes from all direcions, so I dont want to grow, but I am 27 years old now, what a pity
March 17, 2008
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