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Welcome, let's do a brief introduction here.(It takes time to check on everyone's profile.:) My nickname is Ms Help. Work for italki as a customer support. I want to learn English and Japanese as well. The objective for creating this group is to have more people who want to learn English together and in this way, we can share a lot of useful tips and learning materials. Do tell us something about you and what you want to get from this group and what you can do to help others.
Feb 1, 2008 5:47 AM
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Hi, my name is Matthew. I live and work in Colorado, USA. I was an English teacher for about a year, so I hope I can help some people out with English. Later, Matt
April 14, 2008
Mistake ah!!!It should be "an undergraduate in China..."My god...hehe.
March 19, 2008
Hmmm,sounds very interesting to so do. I am Rena,an undergraduate in Chinese who majors in english for five years.I love this language the first we ran into each other and I almost start to work on it now----as a teacher in high school or work for companies---I am still weighing them.The point is,I know really little about english speaking countries and their culture.What's funny is,I once went to New Concept(an english training school) to seek for working opportunities.During the interview,they asked me----what's the largest state of the United States?Oh my god----it's so so so so easy,isn't it?!I failed to give the correct answer at the first second...I told them-----maybe,Alaska?It is.But I think if I can give the answer in a more confident and more specific way like-----Alaska of course.And Taxas is the second largest. I failed the interview.....555555....How can I tell others that I love english without knowing anything about the cultures,the basic knowledge and so on?Hmmm,let's go...hehe.
March 19, 2008
I speak Cantonese and want to learn English. Could you please tell me the difference between "be+ used to" and "used to"? Please also give examples in your explanation. Thanks for the great "HELP".
March 12, 2008
Good idea Ms. help. I'm Ola from Egypt. I'm 17years old. And i'm in high school. I'm learning English and a bit of French. And I like to know more about other cultures and meet new people from other countries.
March 7, 2008
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