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Jay Chou - 菊花台 (Ju Hua Tai) (Chinese) Jay Chou is one of the biggest singing stars in China/Taiwan etc. and has also starting acting.  This song is the theme to the movie (Curse of the Golden Flower), also starring Gong Li and Chow Yung Fat.  The imagery in the video is beautiful and I love the music.
Jun 11, 2008 7:21 AM
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Wao!!! That's great! Thank you , duguup and Lynn.
June 14, 2008
Here are the lyrics, translated by user Lynn in the Answers section. 你的泪光柔弱中带伤 惨白的月弯弯勾住过往 夜太漫长凝结成了霜 是谁在阁楼上冰冷地绝望 Your tears glisten, laced with pain The crescent moon hangs in the past pale with sickness. Cool night, too long Turns to frost. Who is on the tower, frozen in despair? 雨轻轻弹朱红色的窗 我一生在纸上被风吹乱 梦在远方化成一缕香 随风飘散你的模样 The rain drums lightly on a crimson pane Me destiny is written on a paper fluttering in the wind Distant dreams rise like incense Melting into night is your image. 菊花残满地伤 你的笑容已泛黄 花落人断肠我心事静静躺 北风乱夜未央 你的影子剪不断 徒留我孤单在湖面成双 Chrysanthemums sigh, weeping to the ground Traces of your smile on a yellowing scroll Your heart is now empty. My thoughts quietly rest The north wind blows It is not yet dawn Your shadow clear and close My only companion is my soul reflection on the lake. 花已向晚飘落了灿烂 凋谢的世道上命运不堪 愁莫渡江秋心拆两半 怕你上不了岸一辈子摇晃 Blossoms of evening air Beauty undimmed, scatter everywhere A fate is hard to swallow sadness, does not cross the river Your autumn heart will sink Drowning in longing You will not reach the other shove. 谁的江山马蹄声狂乱 我一身的戎装呼啸沧桑 天微微亮你轻声的叹 一夜惆怅如此委婉 Whose hills and rivers echo with the clamor of hooves? My armor is shredded by the dividing hour The sky slowly brightens Your sighs, soft weave a night of sorrow so fragile, so spare.
June 13, 2008
I think so too Yuta! I am trying to get the lyrics translated so I posted it on the Answers section. My Chinese isn't good enough.
June 12, 2008
Hi duguup Thank you for your posting. It's beautiful melody,isn't it! And the picture on this movie is dynamic and beautiful also.
June 11, 2008
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