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Ok what do you know about Arabic language? Let's see your writing
5 февр. 2008 г., 16:30
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I'm very good in Arabic As I'm from Egypt.
3 марта 2008 г.
over a thousand years of time, most languaes changed at a great rate, but arabic keep close to the language of the age when Koran is descended in arabic. because of this, there are various forms of arabic like classical arabic, morden standard arabic and various spoken arabic dialects. This confuses beginners a lot. For example, I bought a book from the shop in my city and learned from it more or less. I was anxious to speak in arabic and tried to converse with people and then What I have learned was always different from what the arabs here speaks. And so I lost some interest in learning my book. However, there are too little books on arabic language course, and all the same. So I tried to learn from net and learned about the variety of arabic. And now I think I have to be good at Standatrd Arabic which is written everywhere, in books, in websites and so on.
8 февраля 2008 г.
and the syntax or about sentence: two kind of sentence, one of them is noun sentence(i don't remember technical terms in english, maybe nominal sentence) and the other is verbal sentence. the verb tenses in verbal sentence are imprative, past perfect and present.
8 февраля 2008 г.
okay, first vocabulary: choose three letters from 30 letters in arabic vocabulary, and put them in different orders, and each makes a basic word of arabic.sometimes foour different letters for one word but this kind of word is highly regular and as not various three-root words. three word letters with different vowels have different roles in grammar but meaning is associated with each other.
8 февраля 2008 г.
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