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David Taylor
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Another personal privilege that I have taken for granted

I have lived in a few countries in the world, and, apart from the bureaucratic mess involved in each transfer, I have got the entry into whatever country I chose.

Couple this with the fact that I work with people from the Philippines, Palestine, Poland, El Salvador, Ukraine, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia etc., and naively I have thought that a global village is not far off. Maybe somewhere between the moon and Mars!

From discussions read this morning I see that I have had an advantage that is not that common. 

It's fun living in different countries. Actually, it's fun talking to people from different countries on italki too! 

Thanks, everyone! 

Feb 12, 2018 6:30 PM
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KP Japan is visa free for Tunisians; well, who would have thought it! Can you see that my English is a little better than my Russian!
February 12, 2018
David, I believe it is right to take it for granted.

I've found these articles useful:
It is not exaclty about 'entry', but these articles have maps where, for each nation countries of visa-free entry are shown. For exmaple, for Russia almost all South America is visa-free - and vice versa, Russia is visa-free for them. Korea is visa-free for us, Japan is visa-free for Tunisians:)
February 12, 2018
David Taylor
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