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Brevity Vs. Succinct ?? I know one is noun and another is adjective. Is there any difference in the meaning of the two?  
12 de feb de 2018 20:47
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The noun form of succinct would be succinctness.

Brevity (briefness)  just means the explanation is short. It might be ambiguous or vague, though.

Succinctness means that is explanation is clear and short.

What is a yellow jacket?

The brief answer=  Some kind of bug.

The succinct answer = A wasp of the genera Vespula and Dolichovespula.   Most have yellow and black stripes.  (Ok, this could be shorter, but you get the idea.)  :)

12 de Febrero de 2018
A fine example of both brevity and succinctness from tempus.edax.rerum.
13 de Febrero de 2018
@tempus.edax.rerum Thank you so much for the clarification
13 de Febrero de 2018
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