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I do like you or I like you. What's the difference? 
Feb 13, 2018 12:50 PM
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I do like you - you are emphasizing that you like the person if there is any doubt.

A: I'm not sure that you and I are friends..

B. I think we are, I do like you!

I like you. - you are just saying you like them.

February 13, 2018

"I like you" is simple and direct and means what it says.

"I do like you" only makes sense as response to a challenge. 

Person A: "I don't think you like me."

Person B: "I do like you."

February 13, 2018
Usually, do and did are using to ask a question, and does and does not for refuse or if we say about things than we do not do.


Do i like you?

Does she like me?


I did not play to football

She does not love you

In present simple we do not need to use "do or does" when we say a statement

February 13, 2018
when u put do

its like u mean it

February 13, 2018
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