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Taufik Hidayatullah
Which is closer to use in Australia betwen British English and American English?
Feb 13, 2018 1:34 PM
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Australian English is much, much closer to British English.

With the exception of a few specifically Australian phrases, the English spoken by most Australians and New Zealanders is basically British English. Grammar, spelling,'s nearly all British.

The same goes for the accent. Australian and NZ accents are pretty close to the accents of southern England. In fact, when Aussies and Kiwis travel abroad, many people presume that they must be British. Even many Americans and Canadians would struggle to distinguish between a London accent and a Melbourne one. Just listen to Cate Blanchett!

February 13, 2018
I would say Brittish English
February 13, 2018
We tend to follow most of the British pronunciation and  spelling, but we do take some Americanisms here and there (such as "chips" instead of "crisps"). In other cases, we have our own standard words, eg. lollies (=candies/sweets) and capsicum (bell peppers/sweet peppers).

We get a fair amount of media from both the UK and the USA.
February 13, 2018
Taufik Hidayatullah
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