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Chinese culture in my eyes –Wuhan dialect

Chinese culture in my eyes –Wuhan dialect

My father always says: people from Wuhan should speak Wuhan dialect. One of his favorite sentence is "the father of African children high jump," Do you know what it means?  

Wuhan was one of China's largest commercial centers in the Qing Dynasty, was known as "thoroughfare to nine provinces", There are many people traveling south to north, their language converge here, forming the Wuhan dialect that everyone can accept.

My cousin, an eight year old girl living in the US, is also a Wuhan native. When she came back to China last year, I took her out for hot dry noodles and for a walk on JiangHan Road. we speak the same dialect, so the feeling is very cordial, without any distance, even though we grew up on different continents.

Language is a bridge between people and the local dialect is your identity and the medium that connects you with your roots. I love Wuhanese; I am a 武汉 kid!

My son has a speech, can help change the speech?THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Feb 14, 2018 3:01 AM
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I do not know why there are 2 thumbs down, that is quite bizarre. 
February 14, 2018
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