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Profissional Life x Personal Life Would you listen to the music of a singer accused of pedophilia or a singer who assaulted his wife?
if you had that information would it bother you?
Feb 14, 2018 3:19 AM
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In some musical genres, wife beaters and violent drug abusers/alcoholics are almost unavoidable. I'm thinking of soul, funk and blues. 

Some of the best artists (in any art) are not angels and they never pretend to be. The question is: how far is a person's artistic work related to their personality...and do more "problematic" personalities make for better or more interesting artists? 

Answer: Probably! Would Amy Winehouse have been so good if she hadn't been so excessive? What about James Brown or James Taylor? Bob Dylan is considered a genius musician -- and one of the rudest, nastiest people ever. 

Art is about extremes and the rearranging of the social order. Does some of that bother us? Yes. Should we let it bother us TOO much? No.

February 14, 2018
Probably that will seriously dampen my passion on listening to his music for a moment, but as to music as such, I would prefer not to put personal characters on a piece of art. 
February 14, 2018
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