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The Key to Successful Language Exchanges

A language exchange should be more than just a nice talk with a stranger about anything in any way. Thus, you want to make sure that you develop a balanced curriculum that fits the needs and goals of both sides. To help you build your curriculum, you may consider these basic steps.

Feb 8, 2018 12:00 AM
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This article is really helpful and most learners are genuinely in need to read it. Thanks so much for your efforts and I wish you the best and to be rewarded so long as you keep sincerity and eagerness to help learners :) thanks again 
February 23, 2018

This is a good topic but there is more about why language exchanges don't work than there is about how to really make them work. Nevertheless, your suggestions are good but the challenge remains. 

One problem, that is not discussed is that learners tend to have different frameworks for understand the grammar of their second language. This is because grammar is taught in so many different ways, with different terminology and grammar theories. I teach English so that is what I know best. The best exchanges would probably be among students who are using the same method to learn but I know of no such exchanges. 

It would be great if italki could set up a language exchange. At least students would then have some kind of reputation tracking and would have something at stake with their participation. It's a big ask for italki but a small participation fee would help them cover their dev costs and eventually it could become a profit center. 

February 23, 2018
First of all, I would like to say that congrats for this amazing article. Without doubt, one of the best way of learning a new language is when you are aware of real conversation with native people. We all know that you can practise the main language skills, in particular speaking and listening. Therefore, I strongly recommend it! Let's do this! 
May 21, 2018
March 6, 2018
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