The funniest names...

What is the most funny names in your language?

Kukuzapol or Autonom...and maybe case if you are fan of Android )))))

Feb 14, 2018 9:46 AM
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In some regions of Brazil, some people use to mix part of the first name of the father with part of the name of the mother, so a few years ago I needed to call to a customer of the company where I worked by that time and a guy called RAINFRAN answered the call. After some minutes he asked me if I wasn't curious about his name, I told him that yes, I would like to know about it, so he explained to me that it was a mix of his parent's first names :p ( his father was called RAImundo and his mother FRANcisca = RAIFRAN)... what a crazy country where I live ;)


February 14, 2018
I can tell the story of the name Kukuzapol )))))) This name appeared in times of the Soviet leader Khrushev. Sometimes simple Soviet people sarcasticaly called him Кукурузник ( Corn boy) He enforced farms to plant corn. There was a motto "Кукуруза - царица полей" ( Corn is the Queen of Fields). The name Кукуцаполь ( Кukuzapol) was born as the result of abbreviation of the motto. But I had never heard if some kid was really granted with that name.))))
February 16, 2018

i think it was usual in the past that couple preferred a son more than a daughter. if it wasn't a common tradition all over the world, it is usual in Asian countries and developing countries yet.  if a woman give birth a son, she is proud but unfortunately she is embarrassment to give birth a daughter. i don't mean this situation is popular in Iran. not at all. but i can see that belief still exist between some ethnic and uneducated people or immigrants.

by the way, i had a female student. a cute little girl. she was the 5th daughter of her parents. they wanted a boy but she wasn't her parent`s dream. so her parents named her, "Daughter enough"!! in Persian" doukhtar bass". probably to remind to GOD "daughter is enough" please a boy. :)

February 16, 2018
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