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The funniest names...

What is the most funny names in your language?

Kukuzapol or Autonom...and maybe case if you are fan of Android )))))

Feb 14, 2018 9:46 AM
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In some regions of Brazil, some people use to mix part of the first name of the father with part of the name of the mother, so a few years ago I needed to call to a customer of the company where I worked by that time and a guy called RAINFRAN answered the call. After some minutes he asked me if I wasn't curious about his name, I told him that yes, I would like to know about it, so he explained to me that it was a mix of his parent's first names :p ( his father was called RAImundo and his mother FRANcisca = RAIFRAN)... what a crazy country where I live ;)


February 14, 2018
I can tell the story of the name Kukuzapol )))))) This name appeared in times of the Soviet leader Khrushev. Sometimes simple Soviet people sarcasticaly called him Кукурузник ( Corn boy) He enforced farms to plant corn. There was a motto "Кукуруза - царица полей" ( Corn is the Queen of Fields). The name Кукуцаполь ( Кukuzapol) was born as the result of abbreviation of the motto. But I had never heard if some kid was really granted with that name.))))
February 16, 2018

i think it was usual in the past that couple preferred a son more than a daughter. if it wasn't a common tradition all over the world, it is usual in Asian countries and developing countries yet.  if a woman give birth a son, she is proud but unfortunately she is embarrassment to give birth a daughter. i don't mean this situation is popular in Iran. not at all. but i can see that belief still exist between some ethnic and uneducated people or immigrants.

by the way, i had a female student. a cute little girl. she was the 5th daughter of her parents. they wanted a boy but she wasn't her parent`s dream. so her parents named her, "Daughter enough"!! in Persian" doukhtar bass". probably to remind to GOD "daughter is enough" please a boy. :)

February 16, 2018

@Dan: I've gone canoeing on Lake Mooselookmeguntic--It was pretty, but not nearly as beautiful as another lake I paddled on on the same trip.  Lake Kejimikujik gets its name from the Mic'mac language, and although there is debate about the source of the name, it most likely means "chapped and swollen [male generative organs, a word that would probably get me banned if I typed it]". 

Near my hometown, there is a mountain named Picken's Nose, and also a valley called "Booger Hollow"--Booger being a local term for ghost.  One of my friends was also nicknamed Booger.

February 17, 2018
 And how do you like a doctor's last name Могила? Let's translate and imagine how you  have come to a doctor and you see it on his badge " Dr. Grave" :)
February 16, 2018
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