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Tiago Brignol
Importance of tourism in your country...

Hey there. Talking about tourism, do you think that tourism is important to your country? If so do you think that your country is "tourist friendly"?? I mean, some cultures/countries have rules that are so rigid, in other cultures point of view, that it may restrain tourism itself. What is your opinion about it?

In the case of Brazil, I would say yes, tourism is important, the country is tourist friendly, no special rules about behavior (no need to mention that aggression and harassment are crimes), nor special dressing codes on the streets, you just can't be naked :p, any clothing will be okay and the only big concern is violence in great cities when going to not-so-safe regions ... 

Feb 14, 2018 2:47 PM
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 Czechia seems to be tourist - friendly 
February 14, 2018
Very good this great
February 14, 2018
KP... I think you misundertand me... When I'm talking about richness i'm talking about all what make a country, public health, market, secutiry...This situation you already told us is very common here if you want we can discuss more about it in private we are changing the subjetc here
February 14, 2018

Tourism is important in many states in the United States. Overall the travel industry is 2.7% of our GDP.   Is the U.S. tourism friendly?  Yes and no.  The U.S. is very tolerant of diversity and has a lot of services to make travel convenient.  However, the process of getting a VISA is more complicated than many countries, so in that sense, the country is not tourist friendly.

February 14, 2018

An off-topic.
Ana, I remember a Brazilian girl wrote a text here about her childhood.. I think 80s or 90s.  She grew up in a poor family, and complained at 1) no toys 2) no parties with freinds 3) having to save money to buy a textbook to prepare to university.

It made me think of 'what is poverty'.  It happens that I live in a house with thousands books. And many other old things, so there was not a problem wiht toys, actually: so many interesting things around, toys and not... even if we don't buy new ones, it wasn't that I have nothign to play with:) But the part about books scared me.
I loved to read. Even when we were poor I would buy (and read) several new books a month. First it was sort of... top priority. Secondly, books are cheap here.

Situation that a poor family can't afford books for their child to study with was impossible to imagine. Meat, bananas, anything... But not books. Any books: novels or science or... Now they are getting more expensive, but still far from what she described.

February 14, 2018
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