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Guess my ethnicity! ;)

Original question: I had some discussions with other users that it seems to be difficult to guess my ethnicity and my age from my profile pic. So, I‘d like to ask users who don’t really know me, what they think what my ethnic background is and how old I am.

Please take your guess just judging from my current profile pic. (And please don’t give away the answer if I already told you or you have read it somewhere).

Update: Thanks for all the contributions. It was very fascinating to read all your guesses about my ethnic background. I’m not going to reveal it yet, because I’m planning another quiz, in which you have to guess my mother tongue by listening to a recording of mine. I will post this later. But the price for most accurately guessing my age goes to Kate: I’m 42 and will turn 43 in a couple of months. :)

Second update: I'm sorry, but because of work and family, I just don't find a quiet time to do a proper recording, so I'm just going to link a podcast episode here, where you can listen to me speaking Spanish: With the time stamp, you can jump to 2:45 where my part starts. It's pretty obvious that I can't be a native Spanish speaker, so I'm not Latinamerican. Just by listening to my accent, can you guess my mother tongue?

Third update: Here you can listen to me reading a poem in Russian:

And this I just recorded for you, speaking Japanese, Chinese and English:

It's a bit rushed, but that's the best I could do quickly before my kids start screaming and running havoc again.

Fourth update: This is for Sepideh: (my old recording speaking Farsi)

This is for Mumtaz: (me saying "Hello, my name is Miriam" and a little bit of Arabic)

The solution: Thanks for the contributions to my discussion. It was very interesting and I'm thinking about writing a blog post about this topic. I'll publish that later here on my little blog:  

But now for the solution: I'm German. My father is German, my mother is Japanese. I was born and raised in Germany and German is my only mother tongue. Here you can hear me talk in German:

I'm first introducing myself in other languages as well, so you can understand why Mumtaz said that I cheated when I pronounced my name. It's actually pronounced differently depending on the language but normally I prefer to pronounce it the German way. My "r" that I use when speaking German isn't the standard "r" but the Southern "r". 

Thanks again. It's been a lot of fun! :)

14 de feb de 2018 20:25
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Waw Miriam Snarling Wolfy isn’t snarling this morning he really likes you!
15 de Febrero de 2018
my assumption is that you're a 19 year old ukrainian girl
15 de Febrero de 2018
45 ,Mongolian
14 de Febrero de 2018

More listening, more difficult.  Your Chinese sounds like Korean again. Your Japanese sounds like Chinese speaker's Japanese. and it's perfect Japanese. I can't figure out your English. It doesn't sound native to me. It might be British but I don't think it's English in south area like London. Is your father from Scotland or Wales? I don't know about them at all though. 

This is "The Miriam Quiz Show". What does winner get for prize?  I failed. I'm excluded now.  hahaha~

16 de Febrero de 2018

Lately I read an amazing fact. Apparently up to 4% of the genome of euroasian people is inherited from Neanderthal . That amuses me a lot. We all are the product of a big mixture since the beginning of humanity. We are all Homo sapiens with some inheritance of even more ancient kinds of human being. There is something thrilling in trying to understand from where we are and from where the others come.

For sure, we all have in common with Miriam the part of the genome that determines the love of languages! Well, it’s maybe a secret, but she is more smart then we are in this matter.

15 de Febrero de 2018
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