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How to pronounce Swedish last names properly? Okay, so my Swedish study book (which is mål 1) comes with audio, and while listening to it, I came across with a pronounciation aspect, which is not explained anywhere. There were 2 characters' last names - Nilsson and Petersson, and on audio they were pronounced differently: Nilsson with just double "s" and Nilsson with "sh", so like Nilshon. Since last names ending with "sson/son" are extremely common in Sweden, I'd really want to know, if there is any rule? 
14 de feb de 2018 21:57
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Don't quote me, but it could be an accent thing. People from different parts of Sweden say things a little differently, especially those from the far South or the far North. That's what I've noticed from my language CDs, as well. 

If you are learning Finland Swedish, then you might be able to ask someone who learned Swedish in school how ss is said there.

14 de Febrero de 2018

(This rather belongs in the Answers section, doesn't it?)

There's nothing special about names there, it's just that "rs" is generally pronounced "(r)sh" (with a rather weak "r") in many regions. Does your book have a pronunciation file for "varsågod" or "vi hörs", for example? You should hear the sound there as well.


15 de Febrero de 2018
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