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Ahlan! Ana ismi Paulina, ana mudarrisa min Bolanda lakin ana sakna fein Masr min sanateen. Ana badawwar 3ala language partner lakin 3andi some criteria because I want us both to be on similar level.

- We can speak 30 minutes one of my languages: Polish, English or Spanish and 30 minutes Egyptian Arabic once a week.  (I didn't find any Egyptian learning Polish seriously on Italki - I want my language partner to be at least A2 level in any of these languages)

- I would love if it was a girl so I feel more comfortable but if you are a decent guy - I'm in!

- I am a language loving, very tolerant person who loves people. I love hard-working, motivated and created people with lots of energy and ideas. I am a teacher and I really enjoy it. I can talk about anything  - culture, society, travels, movies, books -everything except religion.  

- If you are a student too but would like to have someone with whom you can exhange studying ideas, materials, motivate each other - message me too!

Shukran! Nashoofkom soon!


2018年2月15日 09:47
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Not at all your highness
I'd like to be your partner

For arabic / english exchange

Feel free to massege message me

Hey Paulina :) your arabic seems very good if you want any help feel free to ask :)

Hello Paulina.

if you are still looking for someone so serious about exchanging language and teaching you something, i'm here to help you out ^^

Hey Paulina, I'm actually a teacher not a student but I can help you practice Arabic Egyptian or modern Arabic
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