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Only one language in the world.., Imagine... you can study wherever you want, you can work in any country, easily traveling around the world, read any book...
Do you think it would be great having only one language in the world? What benefits it can have? What language suits more to this?
Do you think it's possible? 
Feb 15, 2018 10:25 AM
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I think it would be a disaster for this site and all the teachers here!

Actually, learning a language is a good way to interact with others, it is said to be a great way to avoid problems like dementia, different languages reflect different cultural priorities and ways of reflecting on life.

One language would mean everyone could communicate but it would impoverish that communication.

February 15, 2018

Ìt isn't impossible but it would be tiresome. The world is beautiful because of its diversity in almost everything. It's the way nature is.

I can't imagine that. With lots of languages we know each other better, through diversity.

Suppose everything in the world was red or grey. Ouch, how monotonous!

February 15, 2018
I think the world would be a much more boring place if we all spoke the same language.  
February 15, 2018
Christianity teaches that once a long time ago the whole world spoke one language. As found in the bible.
February 15, 2018
Yes, the World would be much better if we all had spoken one language. At least it'd be much fairer. Now there is a great advantage for native English speakers over the rest of the world. They speak the most useful language in almost all fields of science and technology. Most foreigners learn English not because they want to. They learn it because they need it. They could spend their time on more useful matter for example history, physics, medicine or even robotics. To learn a natural language is always difficult. This is why many artificial languages were created. Let's take for example Esperanto. There are no problems with phonology and orthography: You always know how to pronounce what you see. Moreover, you always know how to write what you hear. Grammar rules are strict: no irregularities. Also I think the world would be better if we all had had one religion and were one nation. I am not kidding.
February 15, 2018
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