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Iqrar Ahmad Khan
"A friend in need a friend in deed."

dear all respected teacher and English learner, hope you all are fine and enjoying tremendous life. 

we are come here italki environment  to learn but it is really difficult to find teacher because all respected italki teachers are working or teach students for cost. now question arise here that  how will pay students  teaching cost of the teacher because student have no income. 

is here any teacher who sacrifice his/her time and teach us without cost or voluntary?????

15 févr. 2018 15:08
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People who can afford a computer or a mobile phone with an internet connection are not considered as poor, so why do they seek free help from Teachers who are here to earn their livelihood? If someone is really interested to learn any language and can't afford a lesson, it's good to use free resources out there on the internet. Sometimes, it's good to rely on ourselves than to expect from others. You might have heard of this saying: God helps them who helps themselves!
15 février 2018

"A friend in need is a friend INDEED."

Many teachers on italki dedicate a lot of time to helping others free of charge. Answering questions, correcting notebook entries, and writing up discussion posts take a lot of time, and it's all voluntary work.
15 février 2018
This question is a case of attempting to impose one's own standards and philosophy on others. I've had it with the FREE IS ME attitude I see on here all too much.
16 février 2018

Hello Iqrar Ahmad,

what do you do for learning the English language? Which aspect of the language do you need help in?

16 février 2018

VERA V. you are right according to your own thinking but YES i am working here for our society without cost mean voluntary. and also sacrificing knowledge helping others in different aspects such as health awareness program, flood awareness program etc as possible for me to invest time. i invest many time and still investing..........

In above discussion, i am just asking from respected teachers but not forcing him or her to teach us free of cost. 

thank you so much

15 février 2018
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