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Nanren888- 新西兰
Italki Android bug - (sometimes) attributes message to wrong recipient, in summary, messages screen

ItalkI? Where are you?

The following was entered into a community form, after failing to find any way to report a bug.

Consistently, the form of course failed to let me post.

I have images to illustrate, but seemingly no ability to post them. No contact email. Maybe Italki is just not interested?

Details of bug.

I recently sent a message on the mobile app, android.

On the summary screen where it shows all messages, it attributes the message to the wrong recipient.

In the detail view for each contact, the message is on the history of the correct recipient.

On this form, "Topic" is marked as red star, as if essential, yet no options are allowed. Am I wasting my time?

Oh, look "topic" "can't be blank", yet allows no entry.


Since this has had to go to a community discussion page instead of any Italki feedback or support form - maybe anyone who has seen this bug can add a comment?

Maybe Italki will notice?

Not a fatal bug, guys. Not even a big issue. But maybe you should have a way to report bugs? :)

Feb 15, 2018 6:00 PM
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Nanren888- 新西兰
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