Is it difficult to find out who is willing to learn Brazilian Portuguese and help with English? Someone?!
Feb 16, 2018 10:11 PM
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I don't understand why there needs to be conditions associated with friendships. Are we entering into a binding contract, party A agrees to provide language A, party B agrees to provide language B, and if either party defaults on the terms of the contract then what penalty will be imposed?

I love my language and I want others to understand why. The friends I have chosen will happily teach me their language if I saw a need but I am half dutch and never learned that language because I live in an English speaking country. My friends provide me with so much more than a language I will never use, they are interesting, their lives are interesting, their culture is interesting to me. Not only that but I enjoy their company and they enrich my life so much by just being in it.

February 16, 2018
Hi Leandro. My name is Joey and I dont think its difficult at all. The problem is finding someone who is willing to learn and make the time to do it. I am willing if you are ?
February 16, 2018
Sweet when do you want to start? I am available now.
February 16, 2018
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