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Do / take a course Do a course or take a course,

How to say it correctly ?

Feb 17, 2018 1:27 PM
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According to, it's safer to use 'take a course'(I prefer to use words and phrases intrinsic to both AmE and BrE), but in British English you also can use 'do a course'.
February 17, 2018

Yes, it's take a course. But using slang you can say do a course. Samir - in North America you can do a course too.

Khaterina - in English you have to say, "How do you say it correctly". Russian is easier here - I'm thinking that it is something like "Как сказать........ Could you complete/correct it for me (I don't know how to say "correctly".

February 17, 2018
You take a course. Once accepted, you can then tell your friends and family you're on a course. If you want the qualifications, you'll have to be dedicated and stay the course.
February 17, 2018

Take a course

February 17, 2018
You do take a course :) 
February 17, 2018
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