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languages are tools and nothing more. what do you think.

Hi every body.

"languages are tools, nothing more"

This idea, as I said before hesitate me to persist in learning and I don't like waste lot's of time on it.

 what is your opinion?

Feb 17, 2018 11:04 PM
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I think that quote disregards the immense complexity of languages and the complexity of the purposes it is used for.  A language is very different from, for example, a hammer.  It seems kind of like saying music is for pleasure, nothing more.  It seems far too simplistic to me. 
February 17, 2018

The statement (in quotes) means nothing without further context. It seems like an off-the-cuff unwanted, pseudo-intelligent comment by someone of limited thought. Who said it? What does he suggest we do with this revelation?

Be assured that learning a language will take a lot of time. What is your reason for doing it?

February 17, 2018

Otherwise that is a useful tool to help you open another window to explore another continent. Without this tool, you may be stalled in your territory. Language is not a magic that can always pop up new things but it is a useful "witch craft" enabling you to reach a higher position. 

Time is an important factor to affect if you are going to invest to learn a new language. Most languages have to cost you at least 1 year hard study to speak and listen at an average level whereas most adults have regular work and chore to do every day. That is why learning a language is only a task pertaining to a small group of people who wish to study overseas or travel around. 

February 17, 2018
Yes, I don’t understand the point you are making. Could you elaborate?
February 17, 2018
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