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Money values


Here is a story. I want to know the values form different countries.

Here are  lovers. Both of them are university students. One day, the girl, she is gonna study IELTS, and for that, she has to use the vacation to stay at school to study and live in the hotel. Because of the worries, the boy decides to give up the vacation too, and accompany the girl.

Here is the question, the fee to live in hotel is afford by the girl's father, because the girl didn;t tell her father she is in love. So do you guys think the boy should pay a half of the fee or even all of this or nothing

Please say your opinions and reasons, thank you.

18. Feb 2018 03:49
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The girl needs to think carefully whether she really interested in such unconfident boyfriend.
18. Februar 2018
If the hotel is already paid for by the girl's father, it makes more sense for the boy to pay for something else they need such as the food and entertainment. 
18. Februar 2018

Interesting question. But, why didn't the girl tell the father about the boyfriend? Is it a cultural thing or something? Dad doesn't want the daughter to have a boyfriend? How old is she and the boyfriend anyway?

If the dad's paying for the hotel, it seems a bit shady, a tad dishonest not to tell the dad the guy is living there. And, why should the money matter if it's not costing the girl anymore for boyfriend to live there too? Does him paying half or the total charges sanitize the whole thing? I think that's the part I'm missing. I suspect none of this has anything to do with money, but instead telling dad about boyfriend. That's what's really going on here. The money is irrelevant. 

I think the daughter should be honest and say the boyfriend is going to live there and what does dad want to do about the costs? Does he want boyfriend to pay half, the whole thing, or not want him there at all? You know the old expression, "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive?" I get the feeling daughter doesn't want dad to know about the relationship. But, how does she intend to keep that a secret? And, why?

18. Februar 2018
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