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Mary Nechaeva

What do you think about Russia? What stereotypes about russians do you know? What do youthink russians think abou americans???

Answer this tree questions, please!!!! I need it for my scool project!!

Feb 18, 2018 6:47 AM
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Truly the home of the best hackers, excellent writers and superb musicians. Russians are in fashion now in my country; seems they want to rig our coming elections, some say  ;) Welcome then and please don´t help the other guy :D
February 18, 2018
Approx. 80% of Americans I've met were pretty sure that we (in Russia) are allowed to carry guns just like in the USA. 
All the other things were about alcohol and size. 
February 18, 2018

I have not been in Russia myself but do of course have stereotypes.

First of all, I think Russia is a very big country which makes me believe that the country is more diverse than what you can see from the outside. I believe that Russians in St.Petersburg are quite different from people in Yakutsk or Vladivostok and and even Moscow for example. But anyway...

My stereotype of a Russian is:

b) Proud patriot that think Russia is superior to all other countries

b) Drink more and stronger alcohol than the rest of the world

c)  More aggressive than others

However, most of the Russians I have met have proved me wrong on (c).

What is your own view on Russia?

February 18, 2018
Hi. I'm Italian. The Russians I met here seemed to me to be well prepared and educated. I think there is a good public school in Russia.
The common steriotype is that people living in cold countries are less sociable and drink a lot. There are Italians who drink more and are less sociable. Especially among the millenials. So it's just a sterotype.
I have noticed that in Russian society the figure of women and men are quite distinct: for example, here in Italy men care much more about their appearance and this is seen by the Russians as an effeminate attitude.
Italian women dress much more with clothes that resemble those of men (suits, trousers...).
Here in Italy fashion and exterior appearance is more enforced even for men.
I think that Russian is a more homophobic society than Western Europe. Many Russians have confessed to me that they do not like all the freedom that homosexuals have to express their sexuality in Italy.
I think the Russians hate these behaviors of the Italians:
1) we smile to everyone, and we are friendly with everyone, even with people we do not know. It seems that the way we behave is not sincere for the Russians;
2) we show affection and love even in public more easily;
3) we Italians make many compliments to the people we like even after a short time we know each other;
4) the Russians prefer a more serious and detached attitude.
I hope I helped you a bit.
February 18, 2018
I know you are asking about modern day Russia, not the USSR. And, we don't want to talk politics here. I certainly do not and will not. But, as an individual living in the US, I have no negative thoughts about Russia or the Russian people at all. I honesty don't know of any stereotypes about Russians either and I certainly would only be speculating about how Russian people viewed Americans.  I personally think we all have a lot more in common than we think. Don't we all just want to be happy, have a good life, be healthy, live a long life, and want the same for our children? I tend to think of the world as a large community and we should realize that life can be hard and we should help each other as much as we can. After all, we are all in the same boat together so to speak and we all face the same challenges in life. I hope for the best for everyone. 
February 18, 2018
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