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Vinicius Rodovalho
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I sent this for a support, is a bug report.

Hello, my name is Vinicius, 23. I could not agree with the instructions at the stage 11 of "frozen code". I don't speak English very well. So, I'm sorry for the wrongs. When you finish the first parallelogram, the instruction is to turn right 90 degrees. I thought: if I do that, she will start the second parallelogram, but when repeat with the repeat block, she will move forward and then turn right, but the path is to left. Then, I analised and decided that she must turn RIGHT only 30 degrees, and doesn't have this option there. Or turn LEFT 150 degrees, and again, this option doesn't exists. The last option would be turn RIGHT 210 degrees, and guess what? Don't exists. So, I was forced to follow the wrong instruction (turn right 90 degrees) and for my surprise, she turned right 210 degrees ( -_-'). But in the field the max option is 180 degrees. I'm so sorry if I'm wrong. I wait a answer. I just want to help.

Feb 18, 2018 10:22 AM
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Vinicius Rodovalho
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