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Pick teacher in Italki For any body wants learn language I hope no body will like me got a bit experience which I got refused from canadian teacher with bad reason while ,  I personality trying hard to learn from him, however student have a right in italki even stupid they are ,  and for the next,  better pick a teacher know more language because he will knows how to find the good way to teach student ..... how do you feel my friends ???  
Feb 18, 2018 11:18 AM
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Hi Michael, a teacher here can refuse to work with a student for whatever reason or no reason at all. I think it is good that way because I wouldn't want to work with a teacher who doesn't want to work with me. A teacher who refuses to work with you is probably not the right teacher for you, so you should continue looking for your perfect teacher. If he just refused to work with you but was not rude, I would assume it is a matter of compatibility. On the other hand, if the teacher was condescending and made you feel stupid (I didn't understand from your comment if he did that) then he is definitely not a good teacher.

As for only speaking his native language, I've never had a chance to work with such a teacher so I don't really have a strong opinion. I guess such teachers wouldn't be my first choice, as they probably don't have much interest in languages if they have never tried to learn one. From my experience, the interest and knowledge in foreign languages often goes hand in hand with the interest and knowledge in one's native language. But the number and level of languages they speak wouldn't be my first criterion either.

February 18, 2018


Sorry, to hear that, but this is a free teacher market. As the teachers are self-employed, they can choose if they want to work with students or not. Some don't like to work with beginners but only take intermediate students. Some reasons why students got refused here by teachers are: too bad internet connection, too much background noise, student's kids disturb the classes, student was drunk. Sometimes the teacher and students personalities just don't click. There are many choices here and you already tried some teachers. Just stick with the one, that fits your learning style best.


Use the "find a teacher tool":

February 18, 2018

Hi Michael,

I realise you might be disappointed, but a teacher still has a right to refuse a student. You can count it as their loss (they don't get your money), and you are free to find someone more suitable.

I'm not sure what you mean by "know more language" - do you need a teacher who also speaks Chinese or Indonesian? At a lower level, you might find it easier for someone to guide you a bit in your first language(s). I see you've taken lessons with several teachers, so perhaps you could also find a non-native teacher who can help you, and explain things to you, more easily.

February 18, 2018
You have to use your trial lessons to take a few lessons with different teachers to see which teacher is a good match for your learning level and the learning style that you prefer. 
February 18, 2018
Hi ! Sorry If I post this ad in this discussion but I seeking an English teacher who speak french ans settled in Canada due my geo-tracking.
Also someone can be available friday nigth or during week-end.
February 18, 2018
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