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hey I don't understand anything here .

Feb 18, 2018 3:43 PM
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to understand

not to understand

anla + ma + (ı)yor
is not understanding

anla + ma + (ı)yor + um
I am not understanding > I don't understand


bu: this

bu + ra
>bura: this place, here

bu + ra + da
>burada: in this place, here

February 19, 2018

merak: curiosity

merak + lı
>meraklı: curious


nasıl: how


sormak: to ask


añ (ancient Turkish) : mind

añ + la + mak
>(contemporary Turkish) anlamak: to understand

añ + la + t + mak
>(contemporary Turkish) anlatmak: to tell, to help somebody to understand

February 19, 2018

muhtemelen öğrenmeye başlamamışsındır. meraklıysan, nasıl başlanabileceğini sorabilirsin. anlatırız.

probably you haven't started to learn. if you are curious, you can ask how to start. we tell you it.


ihtimal (from your language) : possibility
muhtemel (from your language) : possible
muhtemelen: possibly, probably

olmak: to be
olası: possible
olasılık: possibility

"olası" and "muhtemel" are always the synonyms.
"olasılık" is usually understood mathematically. "ihtimal" is more general.


ög (ancient Turkish) : mind

ög + le + n (reflexive) + mek
(in contemporary Turkish) öğrenmek: to learn


baş: head

baş + la + mak
>başlamak: to start


February 19, 2018

Hey! Burada bir şey anlamıyorum.
(Hey! I don't understand anything here.)

(literally: Hey! I am not understanding a thing in this place.)

February 19, 2018
Omg i thought you were turkish haha lol i can teach you if you want 
February 19, 2018
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