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Recommend an entertaining YouTuber who has helped you learn a language: Any language!

Many of us use YouTube to practice listening skills or to learn more of a language, but we don't like to be bored while doing it.

What entertaining (but still educational) YouTubers do you watch and who have help you the most? Doesn't matter if they speak mostly in English or entirely in the target language. 

Here are some I like:

For Italian: Italy Made Easy with Manu Venditti .

For (more advanced) German: Dr. Allwissend

Julian Bam:

For Welsh: Wales Shark

What about you? Do you know (or maybe watch) an entertaining YouTuber in....French, Spanish, Swedish, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Pashto, Finnish, Esperanto, Klingon, High Valerian.....??? 

Tell us, so we can laugh and learn, as well.  

18 févr. 2018 18:28
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Great discussion idea! I love finding fascinating YouTubers in many languages. Here are my favorites:


Portuguese with Carla 
Actually a podcast, but they upload videos to YouTube, and did a couple of really nice "on the street" vlogs. It's a husband/wife team and their dynamic makes me giggle. Carla has a lovely speaking voice and they both sound almost native in English.

No "YouTubers" that I follow except a guy who records his online Latin lessons with children he teaches, but it's not that entertaining. Two videos I love that put the idea of Latin as a "dead" or unspoken language to rest:

De causis corruptae institutionis Latinae - Luigi Miraglia (hilarious and really perceptive)

De Latinitatis apud Bohemos sorte ac fortuna - Jiří Čepelák (his pronunciation is the one I prefer, he sounds very elegant)

18 février 2018

To me, comedy in Spanish tends to be harder to understand than their dramas, but there is one YouTube channel that I found funny even when my Spanish was at a lower level.  These, for example:

The channel is LAF Produciones

18 février 2018
Kseniia and Miriam, I greatly admire his work and his fluency is impressive. 
18 février 2018
Sergi Martin 
Great for those learning Castilian Spanish and goofy.

Super Holly
I find her videos about growing up in Mexico intriguing and I love it when she does a video in English, then the same in Spanish. Very useful for learners, and truly bilingual.
18 février 2018
Anastasia Semina 
She is so cute & upbeat and I like the variety of interviews and vlogs she creates.

Artem Nazarov
I admire his enthusiasm for languages and he sometimes has great guests on his channel.
18 février 2018
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