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Watching films without subtitles

Hi everyone!    

 I'd like to ask for your advice. I've decided to stop using subtitles when watching films in my target language, and to stop using earphones, too (when it's possible). I must say it's not very pleasant to be thrown back to the point when you understand only 70-95% of the dialogues but it's not that important.

My question is: how do you organise this "no subtitles film watching" if you're not proficient enough? E.g., what do you do when there's a word / phrase you cannot make out? I tried to ignore these words ("perhaps it'll become clearer later") but it's very frustrating + I don't think it's really effective in terms of language learning (is it?). So, what do you find the most helpful? Rewatching the whole scene a few times? And what if it's not your listening skills but a general "I've never come across this phrase"? Do you think it's a good idea to try to take a guess first and then to look it up in a dictionary, or is there a better way...? 

Would very much appreciate your advice on this matter.

19 февр. 2018 г., 3:46
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It's fun but takes effort. Let me tell you how I watch them. I'm learning English. I'm a Japanese. 

First I watch the scene of 5-10 minutes without any subtitles. And again, I watch it with English subtitle  and recognize which words I don't understand. They are some words and idioms. Especially, idioms are hard to understand. I always watch it with the computer so I can google the words instantly. If I can't find, I post it in Q&A room on italki. I got 100% answers so far. After checking the words, I watch the same scene again without any subtitles. I don't usually read Japanese subtitles. Because I want to understand it in English way. When only I'm curious about the expressions in Japanese, I read it.

So I watch the same scene at least three times every 5 minutes. I prefer Netflix show to the movies. 60-minute show, one episode is  easy to continue this learning task. It takes a week to finish one episode.

When I want to enjoy the movies, I watch it with Japanese subtitle from the first. I don't look at it as learning task. Hobby is just hobby. English learning is task that needs a lot of effort.

Sometimes, I am surprised to watch it without any subtitle before I know it. It is so natural.

I hope this helps you. I'll be learning forever. It's fun! 

19 февраля 2018 г.
The best strategy, I think  is to use your target language. That way, you can pause, read, and look things up.
19 февраля 2018 г.

I usually watch films in English without subtitles. I'm always frustrated when I missed words, then can't get all meaning clearly like in my mother language. So I HAVE AN IDEA called "WHO ARE YOU, these words?".

I searched for scripts of those films and find the words or phrases I didn't get, then I write them down and study several times until I can use it in conversations, making sentences. That idea really helpful because when I meet those words or phrases again, like I meet the old friends, not frustrated anymore.

19 февраля 2018 г.
We cannot understand each and every word always .so I think its OK because for me plot of the story us important and the words can be understood later,  I feel that .
19 февраля 2018 г.


"I don't know if it really is more effective, to be honest (not even sure it's measurable), but you'll never know until you try, right?"

Absolutely, and I hope it will work great for you.

21 февраля 2018 г.
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