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About your lifestyle

Are you happy with your lifestyle? What would be your prefered lifestyle (conventional, modern, traditional, stressful)? Why?

Has your lifestyle changed in the last years? How?

What do you think about people’s lifestyles in a big city or a small town.

* My idea is discuss about different topic to learn language. Thank you in advance.

19. Feb 2018 14:06
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Cuando me jubilé de mi trabajo, he desarrollado una actitud más positiva ante la vida.  Por ejemplo, necesito dar a la mente más descanso, practicar relajación y la gratitud.
20. Februar 2018
My opinion in the notebook section. Thank you very much for your opinion and interesting notes.
20. Februar 2018
In the era of fashion, I guess most people don't have capacity to choice, we live in a period of ethics, morals and principles devastation so maintaining your lifestyle became something phenomenal. 
19. Februar 2018
I like living as a freelancer who is eager to learn, to think and appreciate goodness around the world.  That is probably the optimum ideological lifestyle I can imagine. 

Stress is fine with me but I hope the stress is reasonably positive and beneficial for my development instead of an irrational pressure from outside with no reason. 
19. Februar 2018
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