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Question about italki teachers/tutors

Sometimes I look for new friends to talk with here on italki, but then I notice they're teachers and I don't dare to send them a message. I know it sounds silly but I feel like they may be offended or something. Are italki teachers interested in doing informal language exchange or they're available exclusively for teaching? Does it depend on the teacher? I probably know the answer but I just got here and I would rather know about your experiences on this matter.


Feb 19, 2018 5:02 PM
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Hola Pablo, que tal?

It depends on the tutor. I am a community tutor here on italki  so I would like English language students to book lessons with me. But I also chat with other people who are simply looking to have a question or two answered. I have also accepted friend requests from people looking for language exchange partners. I know some tutors here do not accept language exchange partners at all, so it is up to the individual. You will not know until you ask.   

February 19, 2018
Remember so many of the teachers here also use iTalki as we do to learn languages they're interested in, so just toggle to their user profile and see if they do in fact use iTalki in a student capacity, and if they do and you can help them learn a language they're learning, then you have something to exchange other than money. 
April 10, 2018
People want to make money, not to make friends. Sad, but true
February 19, 2018

@Fredrik and @Jerome:

Thanks a lot for your answers! It was obvious, but you never know. Thanks again ;)


Personalmente no estoy interesado en aprender portugués, pero gracias por la propuesta.

February 19, 2018
Yo también llegué aquí hoy y aún estoy muy perdido jajajajaja Soy de Brasil, si procuras álguien para hablar pudes me llamar!
February 19, 2018
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