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Jamie Gilberto
Resources/Tips for the CILS (Italian) C1 Exam

Ciao a tutti,

I'm am hoping to take the C1 level CILS exam for Italian and am looking for any study advice from those of you with experience with the exam. While the Exam book itself is helpful for understanding the structure of the test, it doesn't explain the answers they have has being correct. If anyone has any books/resources that they found helpful for the exam, please let me know! Any help would be much appreciated. Grazie!


Feb 19, 2018 9:14 PM
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Hi Jamie, here are some links to exam samples:

June 15, 2018

Ciao Jamie, so che il tuo messaggio si rivolge a studenti alla prese con la preparazione dell'esame come te. Tuttavia, come insegnante di italiano e esaminatrice ufficiale, ho pensato di risponderti. Al momento, che io sappia, c'è un solo testo di preparazione ad un esame di certificazione che includa una sezione con simulazioni di prove d'esame complete di chiavi in cui le risposte siano spiegate, ma è rivolto a studenti che stiano preparando il CILS B2. In ogni caso, io sarei lieta di aiutarti a risolvere i tuoi dubbi sulle risposte fornite nelle chiavi del testo di preparazione al C1. Se sei interessata, ti invito a dare un'occhiata alla mia offerta didattica dedicata alla preparazione di esami, che trovi sul mio profilo-insegnante italki. In bocca al lupo!! :)

June 15, 2018

Hi, it seems you got any answer.

As a native speaker, I myself can't provide my experience in such exams.

Maybe you would like to post this issue in the English section, as you might find people who have studied Italian.   

Nevertheless, when it deals facing a new language, I simply throw myself in.

I might study an article from Wikipedia: I note down the initial letters and I draw little ideograms above each letter, plus one more ideogram if I can't really remember that word, but it suggests me something known (so I mix both).

Hard is just beginning.

Then, I think language learning is mainly being able to translate: it is different from thinking as a native would, but it is a necessary step. So anything which provides you the original text and a translation beside, is wonderful. Touristic guides, art reviews, poems and especially songs on the web, are what I mean.

Eventually, I warmly suggest you to become acquainted with the Subjective/ Objective Structure (Periodo Soggettivo/ Oggettivo) and the Hypothetical Structure (Periodo Ipotetico), so that you might become able to manage the Subjuctive and Conditional moods.

For any request, contact me. Best, 

June 9, 2018
Jamie Gilberto
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