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HAPPINESS! What is true happiness?
Feb 20, 2018 11:58 AM
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In my idea, true happiness is when I can help sb in need. Even with words.

It is when u do your duty as a human and help spread the humanity. If u can't in any other way, do that by words.

February 20, 2018
Happiness is such the emotional condition when you accept yourself, accept whole the world, stay in solidarity with everything that comes and without any equivoques, and you are the flow of God's creating activity (World Consciousness, Tao, etc. as you wish for your better understanding). Just imagine that you have achieved it.  What can be the happiness instead of this? I do not claim that my statement is the ultimate truth but other versions which I have heard about can fall under the definition of pleasure which lasts just moments. And the last thing is different. Maybe somebody can give a better definition. But this is what I wish to find.
February 20, 2018
It's hard to say.Maybe playing with your friends and going out with your family are a kind of happiness.Although they are common in our lives,they are also a kind of happiness.You need to feel them carefully.

Now I'm a Chinese student.My English is not very good.If my English grades are better than before,

I will be happy.

Everyone has different feeling,so try finding your happiness.And I think that there is no true happiness in the world.If you think it's happiness,then this is the happiness.

February 20, 2018
When we do not feel tension and feeling happy and our mind is relax and this type of feeling do not describe in words; it is known as happiness.
February 20, 2018
The definition of happiness is differed from a person to other, some people feel happiness in wealth. Some people feel happiness in service of others

but I firmly believe that the true happiness is in fulfilling the life purposes, despite of the importance of money but there are a lot of wealthy people who are not happy or satisfied with their life. Sometimes money is stand disabled in front of diseases. So our life is almost a mix of different emotions and we have to cope with that
February 20, 2018
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