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How to spend your spare time? English.

How to spend your spare time?

I am that kind of person who just cannot spend all my spare time without any specific purpose. I mean just going out with friends and do nothing. I always think about my goals and what I want to achieve in the near future. I think that it’s so important to set specific goals and try to make them a reality. So, from this year I have made a list of all goals that I want to achieve. I hope that I will make it. All psychologists say that it’s so important to concentrate on results because it helps us not to give up and go straight to our goals no matter what. For instance, I’m trying to learn English and it is quite hard to me, because I have a quite difficult relationship with this language, but this time I’m quite determined. I believe that it’s important to possess a talent and I know people who really can learn everything, not only languages, very fast, but it’s not about me. So, I try to put in a lot of practice and don’t give up. It is also very important to build up experience and talk with people and in the near future I want to find a teacher in this website to talk with so I can get also a feedback about my progress. I hope that my will to succeed in English will be enough as I really like this language. Another suggestion of psychologists is to follow our interests. I think that it’s quite true because if we do not like something we will not do it in a proper way, but just to show that we had done it.  Turning to talk about me, now I'm trying to learn English by myself and it results quite interesting but difficult to put into practice my new knowledge. How do you practice your new vocabularies? To me, it's quite difficult, because I just remember them as passive vocabularies, but not as an active one. So, what does it take to remember them as active vocabulary? the most simple answer is to just use them, but it's not so simple. I hope I will receive some advice from you ;)
Thank you for reading it and for help. 


2018년 2월 20일 오후 6:10
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I listened to your sound files and you sound VERY good to me. Really very good!

1. If you are a goal-oriented thinker who needs structure, then you probably don't have a lot of patience for small talk. Superficial conversations probably bore you. I would suggest that you listen to some TED talks on YouTube in areas that interest you, and then try to write about them here on Italki Notebook. By using a word or phrase you have learned and getting a correction on your usage, you can analyze the correction and learn from it. This has helped me a lot with both vocabulary and grammar! 

2. If you are talking to people, try to find people who like to talk about more intellectual things. Not university professors, but people who like to think and structure. That's difficult, I know, but it will pay off in the long run because you will be able to use bigger words and more complex grammar with them. People who like to keep a conversation personal, or on the chatting level, often use basic structures more often and you will quickly find you aren't learning much and your topics are limited.

3. You might also try to make "word snakes". That is, put words together to form a logical string. Example: casa - tetto - neve - inverno - spalare -  fondente - fanghiglia -- appiccioso - stanco - fare un pisolino

This will

A) challenge you to find new words and will help you associate them with an idea in your mind. You can do this in Italian and then find the words you don't know in English, or try it directly in English, and

B) allow you to structure your "down-time" (waiting in line, riding the bus, etc) throughout the day and make it productive. You can think of it as a mind game and challenge yourself by placing different rules on your game. i.e. This snake ONLY with food words. This snake ONLY with adjectives. This gives you a way to actually use new words in a playful way. 

2018년 2월 21일

I would start reading books as well as magazines in english, every article in english you find online that might seem interesting to you. Then explore the meaning of the words so you build your vocabulary. After that I would try to write in the language, exactly how you're doing now. Don't ever give up if you truly want to learn just keep going :)

Good luck

P.S.: listening to music and exploring the lyrics and its meanings is awesome too as well as movies in english with subtitles also in english.

See you :)

2018년 2월 21일
To remind your continuously of the English vocabulary you have to use them, if you're not able to practice the language in a regular basis you can use them in interacting with others like writing as I do now or even reading individually, you won't forget them as a result 
2018년 2월 20일
Reading loudly the sentences in the dictionary is also effective to improve your English expression as well as substantiate your vocabulary.
2018년 2월 20일
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