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I visited Russia and I loved it!

 I am studying russian again after almost 4 years. This time I want to make i different once I made my biggest dream come true and I have visited russia last November and was the best experience of my life, its a long time I didnt feel happy like this.

In last november 2017 I took an airplane to St petersburg and it was so incredible, I remember that when the airplane was about to land in the city I was feeling like I was going home, like I knew that place but was my first time in Russia. I was very well treated in the  and Russians were so warm and nice with me that I never received so many hugs in my entire life. I ate pelmeni everyday, made friends, made my childhood dream come true in the red square in Moscow. This year I am planning to go to Kazan.

Please guys if you want to comunicate with me add on VK:

Feb 21, 2018 3:56 PM
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