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Infinitive and gerund I've watched a video on Youtube in which an American guy teaches some phrasal verbs.
Here are some examples given by him:

Movies always turn out to be worse than their previews.
Movies always end up being worse than their previews.

Since both words (out and up) can be used as a preposition and as an adverb, I couldn't think of any explanation, unless they are used as an adverb and as a preposition respectively and specifically in thoses two examples. That would explain the use of the inifinive and gerund forms.
Could you guys please tell me what's the explanation?
Feb 22, 2018 1:43 AM
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I think you're looking for an explanation when there really isn't one. Just remember that infinitives go with certain (phrasal) verbs and gerunds with others.

As for whether the second word is an adverb or a preposition, just ask whether it actually works as one. I don't see either of them as a preposition.

February 22, 2018
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