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Discovered or undiscovered talent... Hi. Sometimes I can hear people as they say about themselves  that dont have any talent. I believe that each of us has some talent (or not discovered yet)I am curious what kind of talent or talents you have?
Feb 22, 2018 3:26 PM
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I think this is more of an obscure topic. Yes talent exists, but it is almost always in raw form. The key to talent in my opinion is cultivation!! Talented basketball players like kyrie irving spent over 10,000 hours to master his dribbling skills and he still spends more practicing. It's never ending. I believe people have a confused notion that they are either good at something or aren't. This I feel is wrong. In my opinion, talent is closer to passion or likeness of something followed by persistent ant consistent Hardwork. when you discover something that inspires you to want to do more, or that drives your passion, that would become your talent after putting in the obsessed work required to learn everything about it, then you become talented. 

There are few prodigy's who randomly know how to play a piano or a violin in perfect form, these people usually also have a slightly different kind of brain mechanism. but talent as we know it is nothing but Passion for something and consistent work towards that thing.

Hope this is somehow meaningful :)

February 26, 2018
Yes the reality is that so far I see I don't have any talent :D despite of my attempts to discover it :D otherwise I see I have failed in many things :D as I have never achieved any of my life goals :D :D :D
February 23, 2018

That's really true. People are talented in some fields however hardly ever they can discover this talent.

I learned to play the piano during my childhood and many people said that I am a talented man but I didn't do anything special. I just did my homework and learned new skills. The same like other children in this matter. Nevertheless, I was loved in sports activity and in this area would my talent be discovered. In music, I didn't achieve any success. I suppose I would achieve more in sport than in music, however, I didn't a possibility of teaching by coach or developing my skills. I just stayed active for myself.

February 22, 2018
Hello ! It's true that we all born intelligent  but in a different ways . The problem is that sometimes people think that talented peopole  are those who can do jobs or pursuit  careers that will allow them to make a lot of  money .I personlay can keep working on something hours and hours if i find it interesting  that's what i consider my talent :)  
February 22, 2018

Thakns everyone for the comments.

@Grey Adeyosoye

Thanks for sharing these interesting words,

February 26, 2018
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