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One day I will write a book

Have you ever thought to write a book ? (Or you have already done it). 

What kind of book would it be (what kind of book was it) ? and What would the book be about (What was the book about) ?

For me I, only wrote a review article, but now I want to write my own book. However, it is rather difficult to start although having already organized ideas. I would like to write it in english as challenge,  although my current level is just intermediate.

Your advice will be welcome

22. Feb 2018 23:17
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I don't know what topic to suggest, but I do have a couple of suggestions about writing a book.

1)  Try to write about a topic that you love or feel strongly about.

2)  Try not to write too much. Write a shorter version, like a short story.

3)  Research (on the internet) "how to write a short story" or "how to write an interesting story".

Good luck Achille

23. Februar 2018
Good to know that you have same aim as mine. I always have wanted to write my own book, and finally I got a chance to publish my book. While I am reading books, I have always taken notes for referring to them in my future articles. And whenever I got a good idea, I have saved it on my laptop to use it later. For me, I made it a habit to write some short essays based on my observing social issues, diverse cultural features or phenomena, human behaviours connected to the nature or psychology, etc. However, they are merely fragmentary pieces of thoughts or drafts, so I am troubled about how to order them anew into a consistent theme. For sure, writing something is quite a happy work and at the same time painful process.
23. Februar 2018

If you want to be a writer (any kind of writer), the best thing to do is turn writing into a habit. Make it part of your daily routine. It doesn't matter how inspired or motivated you are. Sometimes your writing will flow out of you, but other times it'll feel forced and like it's not best you could come up with. What matters is that you maintain a routine so that you don't forget about it.

Writing takes a lot of effort. You can't wait for motivation to hit you, or you could risk being stuck forever. It's always better to write something—anything—than nothing.

There'll come a time when even the forced writing that you do, the writing that you do when you're not particularly inspired, is actually decent enough—perhaps not the best you want it to be, but good enough that you might want to revisit and edit it later.

I've learned not to throw any of my ideas away. My laptop and external hard drive are filled with half-baked ideas and incomplete drafts. Some of them come to fruition, but others spend years as drafts, if they ever get finalized. This is all part of the writing process.

23. Februar 2018
Don't waste plenty of time hesitant or fearful of failure, your proceeding in writing it is the biggest success with no doubt. I am eagerly await your written topics if you don't mind sharing them with me bro :) 
23. Februar 2018

@ Omar Just after reading you, I could have immediately started writing if I was not busy at that moment :). I find your comment very encouraging and it would be a pleasure to have an external opinion

@ Abdullah Great advice to great persons. Thanks a lot for sharing a part your experience as a writer. I sometimes throw some of my ideas because I tell to myself they are not the one. I believe after this comment my external hard drive will serve in the future for something more important :)

@ SJ. Wow very pleased to hear that you could publish your own book  after a hard work. I can imagine the satisfaction of the work done. It's always nice to see someone who likes reading and writing. Thanks for your contribution.

@ Suki I understand you and I agree with you (books don't put the food on the table) maybe it'll better in the future with the novel that you're writing now. I read somewhere that people really like the Novel, in any case more than poetry. Anyway thanks a lot and I wish you the best as well

@ Rose Thanks for your interesting suggestion I will not fail to think about it.

@ Richard Thanks and I will do my best to put your advice into practise. Oftentimes the smallest the better :).

23. Februar 2018
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