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Practice your Pronunciation - Part 2

Below is a short list of 5 English words that are a little difficult for English learners to pronounce.

English Learners

1  Go to the Vocaroo website to record your pronunciations:

     Here is a link to show you how to use Vocaroo (if you need it):

2  Copy the URL link to your recording and paste it into your discussion comments

Native English Speakers

1  Please feel free to provide your assessment or comments for improvement of any of the English learner recordings and pronunciations

2  Also please feel free to record your own pronunciations of the words and post the link to your recording in your comments

3  If you do post your recording, be sure to tell us where you live/what geographical area your accent is derived from



Watch out for silent letters. In the ‘Wednesday’, the ‘d’ is silent. The word is pronounced ‘wenz-day’.


If you go to the doctor, he or she might give you a prescription to take to the pharmacist so you can buy the medicine you need. Sometimes people mix up the ‘re’ with ‘er’ and say ‘per-scrip-tion’ instead of pronouncing it correctly as ‘pre-scrip-shun’.


Mixing up the ‘s’ and ‘k’ in ‘ask’ is a very common mistake that many native-speakers make. In fact, it is a common part of some English dialects. Make sure to say ‘ask’ not ‘ax’ .


Again, this is a word where people often get confused about the order of the sounds and mispronounce it as ‘nu-cu-lar’.
Remember to get the sounds in the correct order and pronounce it ‘nuc-lee-ar’.


This mistake is with the word ‘pronunciation’ itself! Many people get confused with the sound of the verb form ‘pronounce’ and say ‘pronounciation’ for the noun 'pronunciaiton'. Make sure to say ‘pro-nun-see-ay-shun’ .

My recording - Canadian accent:


24. Feb 2018 00:57
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Thanks @Richard for your explanation. Many times I tried to put somewhere this 'd' in Wednesday and 'pronunciation/pronounce' is always trouble (both in speaking and writing).
24. Februar 2018
Oh - that's why the Dutch people call it 'Woensdag'. But when we move a little bit East direction, the Germans say 'Mittwoch' what would be something like 'Midweek'. Thanks for interesting information about the word roots.
24. Februar 2018

Moroccan Tour Guide... Thank you for your comment

Marcin... We are lucky we don't have to pronounce the word Wednesday like they did many many years ago:  

Old English Wōdnesdæg ‘day of Odin,’ named after the Germanic god Odin

The spelling of the noun and verb pronunciation and pronounce is confusing, even for E speakers. We can only memorize the spellings.


The 'sks' combination is difficult to pronounce.
Maye this may help:

ris + ks
as + ks

24. Februar 2018
risks and asks are almost impossible for me to pronounce because of that last s
24. Februar 2018
Pronunciation is shown by a system of phonetic transcription
24. Februar 2018
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