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Su San
Hello,everyone.I want to know how do you pronounce "i" in the words?

what is the dirrerent between"six" and "sex", "sit" "pig"

My oral English is poor,I can't speak standard word.Please tell me the way if you know

Feb 24, 2018 9:14 AM
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Thank you for your reply.Because I do not know how to reply one by one in the mobile page.So I only do a unified reply.Tell the truth,I still do not quite grasp this.Why is there no voice.Sorry......
February 25, 2018

for the "i" in six, sit, and pig:

start with the "ee" in "bee" and 里。

Keep your chin and tongue in the same place, but relax all the muscles around your mouth.

In particular, put your fingers on the bottom of your mouth, at the place where it joins your throat.

When you say "ee" (里), you will feel a strong muscle move beneath your fingers.  Relax that muscle.  You are now saying the "i" in "sit"!

为了说“sit”的“i”,先说“bee” 或者"里"。你的舌和你的下巴应该保持同一姿势,可是你的口的肌应该放松.  把手指放在口的下面的后面,离喉的上面近。说“里”的时候,你应该觉得口下的强强的肌。把它放松。你现在说“sit”的“i”!

February 24, 2018
 The letter "I" does have a short and long sound similar to most vowels. (Aa Ee Ii Oo and Uu (sometimes Yy, for words like "sync" which takes on a long "E" sound, or "Shy" which carries a long "I" sound. .)

Long sound = ey
Examples: pie, lie/sigh, high/dice, rice, ride
You may notice how these six words are seperated. -IE, -IGH, -ICE. The "E" and the "GH" in these examples modify the sound of the "I" to create a fluent long "i" sound.

Short sound = eh
Examples: rid, bid/sick, trick
Most any word which has only an "i" in it can be read as a short "i" sound.

I hope this helped, any questions? Ask here or add me. ^^ Have a good day!

February 24, 2018
 字母“I”具有类似于大多数元音的短而长的声音。 (Aa Ee Ii Oo和Uu(有时是Yy,用于带有长“E”声音的“同步”或带有长“I”声音的“Shy”)。)
长音= ey
你可能会注意到这六个词是如何分开的。 -IE,-IGH,-ICE。这些例子中的“E”和“GH”修改了“I”的声音以创造流畅的长“i”声。
February 24, 2018
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